LGBT Issues

Fortunately, now all marriages are considered valid. While this is good news, it means that same-sex couples may experience the same problems listed above with divorce, enforcement and child support. There may be other challenges as well. These include such things as obtaining changed birth certificates, certificates of parentage and transferring beneficiaries for pensions or insurance.

In cases with IVF, there may be gestational agreements as well. This applies to adoption by same-sex couples, too. These adoptions may occur in many different ways; from traditional open or closed with an unrelated birth mother, or with one of the parents being biologically related to the child and the other adopting the child. Because each situation is unique, we will advise you of your options and help you through the process you choose.

Transgender individuals face issues with change of name and gender on birth certificates and other important legal documents. We know that these types of cases require sensitivity and understanding and we are happy to assist.